LiteSpeed Web Server Users' Manual

Version 5.1 Rev. 4

Admin Listeners General

Admin Listeners are dedicated to the Admin Server. Secure (SSL) listeners are recommended for the Admin Server.

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A unique name for this listener.

IP AddressGo to top


Specifies the IP of this listener. All available IP addresses are listed. IPv6 addresses are enclosed in "[ ]". To listen on all IPv4 IP addresses, select ANY. To listen on all IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses, select [ANY]. In order to serve both IPv4 and IPv6 clients, an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address should be used instead of a plain IPv4 address. An IPv4-mapped IPv6 address is written as [::FFFF:x.x.x.x].


Select from drop down list


[Security] If your machine has multiple IPs on different sub-networks, you can select a specific IP to only allow traffic from the corresponding sub-network.

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Specifies the TCP port of the listener. Only the super user ("root") can use ports lower than 1024. Port 80 is the default HTTP port. Port 443 is the default HTTPS port.


Integer number

SecureGo to top


Specifies whether this is a secure (SSL) listener. For secure listeners, additional SSL settings need to be set properly.


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